Requests can be easily allocated or re-allocated between teams and processes, with specific tasks or responses within a case further allocated to teams or individuals as appropriate. Multiple teams can seamlessly input to cases, with interaction automated through email and e-forms.

Target times are set as required by the policies or legislation being followed and can only be over-ridden where this is permitted.

Complete case file & audit trail

Knowing where to find information relating to a request is easy, as everything is stored in one central location. Documents, scanned images and telephone recordings can all be attached to cases to ensure case workers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Every single action or update to a case is audited, providing a complete record of each process step, with ‘actions’ and ‘events’ presented through a timeline view to deliver an instant picture of a case’s progression over time.

Progress monitoring

Target timescales are pre-defined to meet legislative and regulatory requirements, with the system enabling progress to be monitored for teams or individuals via management reports and dashboards. Receive alerts by Email, SMS or RSS when timescales are not met.


HRCasework allows on-going communication to be maintained between all parties involved in a case, the employee portal providing an on-line mechanism for employees to add additional information or check on the progress of a case.

Tasks can be generated within the system to request further information from employees, line managers or indeed any other internal or external person. They simply need to click on the link in the email sent to them or reply to the email to complete the task and give their feedback.