HRCasework automatically generates acknowledgements, responses and other correspondence, either by secure email or hard copy print. All correspondence is generated from configurable templates, with letters available to be edited and printed in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice using our sophisticated browser-based word-processor integration, with the contents stored securely in the database. Users without access to a word-processor can use the embedded editor.

Learning and Improvements

Caseworkers can choose to make notes or add tasks to a case based on the learning outcomes coming from the case. This could include items such as enhancements to guidance for staff or line managers, updates of intranet sites or training for HR staff. Any tasks generated can be tracked to completion within the system.

Delegate responses

Responses to requests can be delegated to other staff even if they are not direct users of HRCasework. Non-users simply receive an email with a link to edit the letter or email, once completed the correspondence can then be authorised and sent by the caseworker assigned to the case.